Campus Infrastructure


Sports and fitness activities are an integral component of this university. The students participate in regular practise sessions under the guidance of competent coaches in order to fulfil their dreams of donning university jerseys and colours. Apart from participating and winning in various tournaments throughout the year, the students also participate in an exciting “Maharishi Premiere League” which has gained immense popularity. The evening practice sessions under floodlights create a kind of ambience and feeling that has no substitute. Special emphasis is given to improving not only wellness component and lifestyle of students but also to instil in them the qualities of team cohesion and sportsman spirit.

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The campus provides the right ambience and atmosphere for intellectual stimulation.Infrastructure and amenities at MUIT support students’ entire development and enable them to discover and develop their skills. The university has separate dormitory buildings for boys and girls. It features a nicely furnished, air-conditioned room for the students’ convenience.While the high-speed wifi on campus keeps students connected to technology, the site’s vegetation creates the impression that they are in the middle of nature. The campus’s classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge teaching resources and equipment to facilitate effective learning. The MUIT facilities list also includes an auditorium, cafeteria, wifi, indoor & outdoor sports facilities, etc.

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There is never a dull moment on the exquisitely built campus, which has fascinating aesthetics and is constantly in motion thanks to the abundance of activities going on. We promote a welcoming and accepting climate that fosters the community’s expansion and development among students. We also offer a variety of student services, programs, and other resources to help you achieve your personal and educational goals.

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