Industrial Visit Report Rosa Power Plant

Maharishi University of Engineering & Technology has organized Industrial visit for Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering students on the dated 28th February, 2024 to the Rosa Thermal Power Plant in Shahjahanpur (U.P.), which is a 1200-megawatt thermal power facility. In a Thermal Power Plant, boilers play a crucial role in the energy generation process. These specialized vessels are designed to efficiently convert water into steam, which becomes the driving force for turbines connected to generators. The heat produced by burning fossil fuels or using other heat sources is transferred to the water within the boiler, creating high-pressure steam. This steam, in turn, powers turbines to generate electricity. Therefore, the inclusion of boilers is integral to the overall efficiency and performance of a Thermal Power Plant, making them a vital component in the energy production landscape.

The plant engineers, Mr. Ashish Dwivedi Senior Executive (Open) and Mr. Pusphendra Singh Senior Executive (Training) Atul Tiwari Senior Executive (Open), provided a comprehensive briefing to the students, offering detailed insights into the entire plant setup. They conducted a demonstration that covered various aspects of the plant, including the control panels Heat Generation, Boiling Water, Steam Turbine, Generating Electricity, Recycling Heat, Cooling and Recycling, The students received a thorough explanation of the functioning and interplay of these components, enriching their understanding of the sophisticated technology involved in thermal power generation. This hands-on experience deepened their knowledge and awareness of the practical applications of electrical and mechanical engineering in the thermal energy sector.

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Shweta Singh, Mr. Chetan Choudhary, Ms. Swati Singh