A Report on Visit to “CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute”

                                                                                    A Report on Visit to “CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute”
                                                                                                     5th March 2024 (Tuesday)
                                                                                                Organized by: Department of Science
                                                                                       (Maharishi School of Science and Humanities)
                                                                                                     In association with MIRC

Objective of the Visit: - The purpose of visit was to provide the students understanding of the plants through wider exposure to various groups of plants, related tools and to motivate the young minds to explore  new areas of research for the benefit of the society.
Participating Students: - Students of B.Sc. 6th and 2nd sem (Botany)
The CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI, Lucknow) – is amongst one of the constituent research institutes of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi. It undertakes basic and applied research on various aspects of plant science, including documentation, systematics, conservation, prospection and genetic improvement etc.
During the visit, the students got an opportunity to interact with various scientists and to learn about the plant life, reproduction methods of plants, types of plants, life cycles, preservation techniques to preserve the threatened plants etc. Students visited the Herbarium (one of largest and richest in Asia), Fern house, Moss house, Bonsai house, Cactus house etc. The students had the privilege to see some of the rare plants such as insectivorous plants, several Gymnosperms including the Living fossil Ginkgo biloba and Welwitschia mirabilis. The students also visited the museum where they could get glimpses of the various ongoing researches and development in the area of Botany and agriculture. The museum also houses specimens of some rare seeds and other parts such as double coconut which got lot of attention and interest of the students. The students were able to appreciate the diversity of plants and the need to conserve them before they got extinct.  
This tour was coordinated by Dr. Ramakant, Dr. Kanchan Awasthi  and Dr. Madhu Prakash Srivastava with the guidance of  Prof. Neeraj Jain, Dean (MSOSH)      and Dean Academics Lucknow campus.
MUIT is very thankful to Director, NBRI, Dr. Ajit Kumar Shasany and Dr. Manish Bhoyar who extended their support for this tour.
We extend our gratitude to Hon’ble Vice Chancellor (Prof. Bhanu Pratap Singh), Dy. Registrar (Dr. Girish Chhimwal), Dean (MSOSH) and Dean Academics (Lucknow Campus), Prof. Neeraj jain, Sr. AO (Mr. Rajesh Singh) for their support and encouragement for the visit. We are very thankful to Mr. Kaustubh Mishra (MIRC) who was very instrumental in organising this visit.