Theme: "Pharmacists strengthening health systems – Angdaan Mahadaan" by PCI

 Maharishi School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Theme: "Pharmacists strengthening health systems – Angdaan Mahadaan" by PCI
Session: 2023-24 

World Pharmacist's Day - September 25, 2023

The World Pharmacist's Day event, held on September 25th, 2023, at the Maharishi School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MUIT, Lucknow Campus, was a resounding success. Organized to celebrate World Pharmacist's Day with the theme "Pharmacists strengthening health systems – Angdaan Mahadaan. The school extended gratitude to Hon’ble Chancellor, Vice Chancellor Registrar and Dean-Academics for their support and blessings.

The event featured various activities viz. Pharma Poetry, Rangoli Competition, 3D Poster Presentation etc. organized by event coordinators. The event's success was attributed to the faculty, staff, and student volunteers who worked tirelessly to make it a memorable occasion. All participants and attendees were awarded certificates to acknowledge their participation and contributions by the panel of judges.