Chancellor’s Message

Greetings from the Chancellor of the University, a unique educational institution that puts the focus back on the intended goal of the education system: the complete, holistic development of the student. Our goal is to ensure that the student does not become merely a bread earner but a healthy, happy, creative, empathetic, stress-free individual who contributes maximally to the continuous growth of self, family, society, country, and the world.

This is made possible through an amalgamation of the Vedic concept of consciousness, the basis that allows for the use of the full creative power of the fundamental laws of nature for effortless evolution in all areas of life, with modern curriculum, updated technology, and student-centric teaching methods. Transcendental Meditation, a practical, scientifically verified, globally recognized meditation technique, is practiced by the students and faculty, which lends the university atmosphere an air of peace, progress, synergy, and sustained evolution.


Ajay Prakash Shrivastava