Master of Science (M.Sc) Course Structure

Semester I
    Bioanalytical Techniques and Molecular Biophysics
    Cell and Molecular Biology
    Environmental Biotechnology
Semester II
    Enzymology   and Enzyme Technology
    Genetic Engineering
    Plant Biotechnology
Semester III
    Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
    Nutrition and Food Biotechnology
    Medical Biotechnology
    Research Methodology and Scientific Writing
    Proteomics and Nano-biotechnology
Semester IV
    Animal Biotechnology
    Industrial Biotechnology
    Ethics, patenting and bio-entrepreneurship
    Steam Cell Biology and Applications

Semester I
    Biology of Invertebrates
    Biosystematics and Evolution
    Molecular Cell Biology
Semester II
    Biology of Chordates
    Systemic Physiology
    Developmental Biology and Immunology
    Comparative and Molecular Endocrinology
Semester III
    Ecology, Biodiversity and Toxicology   
    Bioinformatics, Biophysics and Biostatistics
    Parasites and Diseases
    Biotechnology in Human welfare
Semester IV
    Systematic, Morphology and Ecology of Fish
    Fish Physiology and Genetic Resources
    Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
    Aquatic resources and their conservation

Semester I
    Microbiology and Mycology
    Algae, Lichens and Bryophyta
    Angiosperms: Systematics and Taxonomy
    Cytology and Molecular Biology
Semester II
    Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany
    Plant Biochemistry
    Angiosperm: Developmental and Reproductive Biology
    Plant Physiology

Semester III
    Ecology and Environment
    Genetics and Plant Breeding
    Biosafety, IPR and Bioethics
    Spices, Plantation & Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
Semester IV
    Agricultural Microbiology
    Post-harvest diseases And Integrated Disease Management
    Organic Farming and Biofertilizers
    Agricultural Business Management

Semester I 
    Inorganic Chemistry I
    Organic Chemistry I
    Physical Chemistry I
    Analytical Chemistry I
    Polymer Chemistry  
Semester II 
    Inorganic Chemistry II
    Organic Chemistry II
    Physical Chemistry II
    Analytical Chemistry II
Semester III
    Molecular Spectroscopy
    Biological Chemistry
    Principles of analytical chemistry
    Micro analytical techniques
    Physical methods in chemistry
Semester IV
    Computer application in chemistry
    Separation techniques
    Electroanalytical methods
    Specto chemical analysis
    Bio-organic chemistry

Semester I 

    Linear Algebra
    Introduction to Topology
    Complex Analysis
    Introduction to Differential Equations
    Algebraic Number Theory

Semester II

    Field and Galois Theory
    General Topology
    Higher Complex Analysis
    Functional Analysis
    Differential Geometry on Manifolds

Semester III
    Theory of Relativity
    Discrete Mathematics
    Mathematical Statistics
    Operations Research / Fourier Analysis / Matrix Analysis
    Multivariable Calculus / Partial differential equation / Methods Of Applied Mathematics

Semester IV 

    Fractional Calculus and its Applications
    Advanced Real Analysis
    Fluid Dynamics
    Measure and Integration
    Mathematical Method for Boundary Value Problems

Semester I 

    Mathematical Physics
    Classical Mechanics
    Electromagnetic Theory
    Statistical Mechanics

Semester II 

    Classical Electrodynamics
    Quantum Mechanics
    Nuclear Physics
    Solid State Physics

Semester III

    Statistical & Numerical Techniques
    Differential Equation
    Molecular Spectroscopy / Condensed Matter Physics / Biophysics I & II
    Fiber optics & laser system / Numerical Methods and Programming / Astrophysics I & II

Semester IV 
    Analog Electronics
    Digital Electronics
    Electronic Communication
    Power Electronic

Semester I
    Computer and Communication Fundamentals
    Programming and Problem Solving Using C
    Operating Systems
    Discrete Structures & Graph Theory

Semester II 
    Data Structures using C++
    Database Management System
    Software Engineering
    Computer Architecture & Parallel Processing

Semester III 
    Object Oriented Programming Using Java
    Data Communication and Computer Network
    Theory of Computation
    Computer Graphics & Multimedia / Internet of Things / Information & System Security
Semester IV 

    Programming in Python
      Data Mining & Warehousing / Cloud Computing / Distributed System