Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Agriculture Course Structure

    Fundamentals of Agronomy
    Fundamentals of Genetics
    Fundamentals of Soil Science
    Fundamentals of Horticulture
    Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology
    Introduction to Forestry
    Introductory Animal Husbandry
    Comprehension & Communication Skills in English
    Agricultural Heritage
    Introductory Biology/Basic Agriculture-I
    Elementary Mathematics/ Basic AgricuIture-II
    NSS/NCC/Physical Education & Yoga Practices

    Fundamentals of Crop Physiology
    Fundamentals of plant biochemistry
    Fundamentals of Entomology-I
    Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics
    Principles of Organic Farming
    Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
    Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices
    Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education
    Food Processing and Safety Issues
    Human Values & Ethics
    Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

    Crop Production Technology -1 (Kharif /crops) 
    Practical Crop Production -1 (Kharif crops)
    Fundamentals of Plant Breeding
    Agricultural Microbiology
    Agricultural Finance and Co-Operation
    Farm Machinery and Power
    Principles of Integrated Disease Management
    Environmental Studies & Disaster Management
    Statistical Methods
    Dairy Science
    Fundamentals of Entomology-II

    Crop Production Technology - II (Rabi crops)
    Practical Crop Production - II (Rabi crops)
    Principles of Seed Technology
    Problematic soils and their Management
    Renewable Energy and Green Technology
    Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping
    Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication
    Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change
    Agri- Informatics
    Poultry Production & Management

    Rainfed and dry land Agriculture
    Crop Improvement-1 (Kharif  Crops)
    Pests of Crops and Stored Grain and their Management
    Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices
    Protected Cultivation and Secondary Agriculture
    Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management-I
    Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops
    Communication Skills and Personality Development
    Intellectual Property Rights
    Principles of Food Science & Nutrition
    Geo-informatics and Nanotechnology
    Elective-1(BAGE-51/ BAGE-52/ BAGE-53/ BAGE-54/ BAGE-55/BAGE-56)

    Farming System, Precision Farming & Sustainable Agriculture
    Crop Improvement-II (Rabi crops)
    Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management
    Farm Management, Production & Resource Economics
    Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management-II
    Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables
    Watershed and Wasteland Management
    Beneficial insects and Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Management
    Elective-2(BAGE-61/ BAGE-62/ BAGE-63/ BAGE-64/ BAGE-65/ BAGE-66)
    Educational Tour

    Rural Agricultural Work Experience and Agro-industrial Attachment (RAWE & AIA)

    Production Technology for Bioagents and Biofertilizer
    Seed Production and Technology
    Mushroom Cultivation Technology
    Soil, Plant, Water and Seed Testing
    Commercial Beekeeping
    Poultry Production Technology
    Commercial Horticulture
    Floriculture and Landscaping
    Food Processing
    Agriculture Waste Management
    Organic Production Technology
    Commercial Sericulture