Biotechnology Corner – Oyster Mushroom

Biotechnology Corner – Oyster Mushroom

“β-Glucan from Crude Powder of Oyster Mushroom act as Nutraceutical supplement for patients suffering from Metabolic Disorder”

Beta glucan is a compound found in mushrooms that has an important role in obesity. Not only mushroom, it is also found in many cereals, fungi. This work’s aim is beta- glucan characterization in mushrooms which has anti obesity properties by extraction method of beta-glucan using hot water extraction method and purification is done by chromatography. The crude polysaccharides (PSC) fractions contained beta- glucan (including chit oligosaccharides deriving from chitin hydrolysis), alpha- glucan and other PSCs (hetro-/proteo-ǥlucans) Depending on temperature, mushroom strain considered. The crude polysaccharide in this work was extracted from a mushroom sample by mixing with n-hexane. 

After the repeated interval of using hot water, at their corresponding temperature the needy component was extracted, that is beta- glucan. After extraction of β–glucan, from crude powder, the quantification process was done by UV-Spectroscopy at 523nm on different concentrations of extracted beta-glucan. After analysis on Gas chromatograph-Mass spectroscopy, it was observed that purify beta glucan percentage is rich in edible mushrooms.

Due to genetic and environmental factors, the modification of nutritional patterns and decreased physical activity, the adoption of sedentary lifestyles have been affected the underlying risk factors for obesity, which is a major cause of development of metabolic disorder as well as of obesity predisposes to the development of complications such as abnormal lipid profile, hypertension, diabetes etc.

Over the years, polysaccharides with potential pharmacological, nutraceutical, functional food, and cosmeceutical properties have been isolated from mushrooms. These polysaccharides attract a great deal of attention not only from researchers but also with consumers. In the present article, after the preparation, extraction, purification and characterization along with quantitative analysis of polysaccharides from mushrooms, it is reasonable to evaluate the medicinal quality of mushroom by taking the bioactive polysaccharide content as a marker, rather than the total polysaccharide level in the future. A number of polysaccharides from mushrooms are recommended for enhancing the body energy, lowering the blood glucose level and boosting the immune system. In addition, it is essential to develop effective industrialization oriented methods for the extraction of mushroom bioactive polysaccharides and exploit nutraceutical products based on the bioactive polysaccharides. We concluded that the β-glucan present in edible Oyster mushrooms may be useful as a nutraceutical compound for the patients suffering from diabetes and other metabolic disorders as well as to treat other health issues related to metabolic syndrome.

The overall effect of beta glucan, extracted from edible mushrooms in reducing symptoms and biochemical parameters suggests that beta glucan extract is effective in patients with metabolic disorder. This benefit appears to be clinically significant. Edible Mushroom is well tolerated and safer than the other prescription medications. Thus, when Mushroom was given as “an add on” to concurrent therapy of metabolic disorder, it came out to be synergistic and effective in better management of the disease. Thus we can add edible mushrooms or extracted beta glucan powder in our diet as nutraceutical supplements to make a healthy life.


Ms. Himani Kulshrestha, Department of Biotechnology, Maharishi University of Information Technology, Lucknow, India

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