English Literature: A World of Inspiration and Creativity

English Literature: A World of Inspiration and Creativity

Literature is the strength of using words to create entire worlds, characters and places that do not exist, except within the minds and fancy of those who read. English Literature is an immeasurable, immense world of its own. I take great pleasure in literature because I feel it’s adequate for the soul. I like literature because I’ve always found it simple, and delightful to read.  When I was growing up, so very long ago, there wasn’t any daytime TV, video games, no cell phones, social media, computers, internet, local summer camps, sports programs, and all the other things that compete for kids’ time these days. When I was a bright child, when I learned to read, I was pointed to the local library where I could take out books for free. I like to hear a story. Storytelling is a prehistoric art that has evolved over time, from scorching to kindles. It’s the process of sharing knowledge.

 Literature has enormous force to bring about alacrity in life. Whenever I feel that I am losing in the rally of the life, I move back to literature, books and poetry. The distinct love of Literature however began when I was very adolescent and used to read fairy narratives and nursery rhymes with my mother and grandparents. This is where you will acquire the most understanding, this is where you will master to read literature assiduously with elucidation, focusing on motifs, plot, themes, hermeneutics, structure, poetics, digression, etc…

Literature unlocks doors for students. It reveals them to new concepts and experiences. It gives them distinctive outlooks. It permits them to master and to escape. English Literature is a critical study of Literature written or translated in English throughout History. To be a good Literature student, you need to be well versed with the socio-political climate of the past as well as the present.

Author: Dr. Pooja Kushwaha

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