MUIT Faculty Information

Department of Science

Prof.(Dr.) Chinta Mani Tiwari

Experience: 22 Years

Areas of Specialization:Distribution Theory and Fractional Operator

Dr K.K. Shukla

Experience: 16 Years

Areas of Specialization:Laser system and its applications, Astrophysics & Liquid Crystal

Dr.Kanchan Awasthi

Experience: 13 Years

Areas of Specialization:Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dr. Nishant Kumar

Experience: 12 Years

Areas of Specialization:Physics, solid state physics, Electronic, Material Science

Dr. Sneha Verma

Experience: 8 Years

Areas of Specialization:Reproductive Biology, Physiology, Endocrinology, Fisheries


Experience: 7 Years

Areas of Specialization:Helminthology

Dr. Bhupesh Kumar Mishra

Experience: 5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Agronomy

Dr.Monika Singh

Experience: 1.5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Genetic and Plant Breeding (Agriculture)

Dr. Dheeraj Yadav

Experience: 1.5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Horticulture

Dr. Ashish Nath

Experience: 1 Year

Areas of Specialization:Agronomy

Dr. Neeraj Jain

Experience: 12+ Years

Areas of Specialization:Molecular Biotechnology of Medicinal and Biofuel plants

Mrs. Pragya Tiwari

Experience:9 Years

Areas of Specialization:Plant Pathology, Soil Science

Dr.Himani Kulshrestha

Experience: 12 Years

Areas of Specialization:Medical Biotechnology

Department of Humanities

Dr. Rupam Singh

Experience: 18 Years

Areas of Specialization:Applied Psychology, Adolescents, Stress Management

Dr Vijay Srivastava

Experience: 11 Years

Areas of Specialization:Economics

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar

Experience: 11 Years

Areas of Specialization:Sociology (sociological Theory & Gender Studies)

Dr. Sarojani Singh

Experience: 8+ Years

Areas of Specialization:Educational Psychology

Dr Manoj Kumar Singh

Experience: 6 Years

Areas of Specialization:Hindi Sahitya

Dr. Arti Gupta

Experience: 5 Years

Areas of Specialization:Ancient Indian History & Archaeology

Mukesh Kumar Pandey

Experience: 3 Years

Areas of Specialization:International Relations & Defence studies , Indian Political System, Human rights , Gender issues, Good Governance

Ram Prakash Dixit

Experience: 3 Year

Areas of Specialization:Community Development, Social Action, Social Problem

Dr. Sarita Verma

Experience: 10 Years

Areas of Specialization:Research, Gender studies, Population Studies & Health Studies,