Imbibed Branches of Pharmacy

Imbibed Branches of Pharmacy

As we know pharmaceutics, known as an interdisciplinary branch among the life sciences and chemical sciences. It correlates the human biology to drug action. Pharmaceutics play a role like a mediator between the chemical (drug) and human cell physiology.

Pharmaceutics comprises-

  • It is well known that any manufacturing of pharmaceutical products comes under the ownership of pharmaceutics.
  • All types of formulation like tablet, capsule, emulsions etc. these types of formulation are made possible only because of pharmaceutics.
  • Do you think it is easy to make a formulation either it may be a tablet or emulsion? NO there is a lot of work, a lot of research, a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of accuracy, and a lot of practice.

Parts of pharmaceutics-

Mainly three broad categories are which can be explain most of the importance of pharmaceutics-

  • Physical pharmacy
  • Biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical technology

Importance of this subject-

It is not to say that, is pharmaceutics important? Manufacturing of various dosage form is possible only due to pharmaceutics. Pharmaceutics tell how to make a tablet, a perfect tablet.

Formulation plan-

Selection of drug>selection of route of administration>optimization of drug dose>optimization of dosage form>selection of process of formulation>formulate a drug.

Vast Career opportunities in this subject are-

  1. As a production trainee, assistant & manager
  2. Quality control officio
  3. Regulatory body officio
  4. Formulation & development trainee,assistant & manager
  5. Social, industrial and government pharmacist.

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