Maharishi University

Important Points

  • Date of Registration

The date of registration of the candidate shall be the date of payment of registration fees. The registration period will end on the date of submission of Ph.D. thesis.

  • Attendance Requirement 

Minimum 60% attendance is required during course work period.

  • Course Work 

All candidates admitted to Ph.D. programs have to compulsorily do the course work assigned and shall be required to take a written examination for the same. Coursework period will ordinarily be of minimum six months duration. A candidate will earn credits for a Course Unit only if he obtains a minimum of 55 percentages. If a candidate fails to get qualifying Grade, he / she will be given second opportunity to improve his/her qualifying Grade, failing which his/her registration is liable to be cancelled.
Scholars shall be required to undertake coursework for a minimum period of one semester, not exceeding one academic year from the date of the provisional registration

  • Progress Report

A research scholar shall submit the research progress in prescribed format duly signed by the candidate and the Supervisor(s)/Co-supervisor and candidate will present the same in presence of Research Degree Committee, constituted by Vice Chancellor, after every six months (not later than 15 days of completion (6 months) to make a presentation of the progress of his/her work for evaluation and further guidance.

  • Minimum and Maximum Degree Duration 

Candidate will be given the time duration for submission of his / her Ph.D. thesis (from the date of registration) as per the details given below:

Minimum Time Period: 3 Years

Maximum Time Period: 6 Years