Event - Invited HR Talk Invited (Industry Expert) Talk on “Industry Demands & Skill Requirements” For Engineering & Commerce Students 07 May, 2022 Organized by: Maharishi School of Engineering & Technology, MUIT, LKO

Objective: As per NEP 2020, universities are advised to emphasize close ties with industry and its professionals with the challenging role of preparing graduates for the workplace.

There is a need for the participation of industry people in educational institutions. The results of any educational institution depend on the quality placement of its students. Keeping this vision in mind and understanding the importance of industry requirements and in-demand skills, Maharishi School of Engineering & Technology organized an invited industry expert talk on “Industry Demand and Skill Requirements” on 7th May, 2022 in the Auditorium,

The Resource Person for the session was Mr. Sanjay Ramdas Kambekar, General Manager – HR, Prism Johnson Limited. 

The session started at 11.00 am with Maharishi Ji pujan, followed by lighting the lamp. Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) B. P. Singh, then welcomed the invited speaker and appreciated all the participants for their willingness to improve their skills.

The invited speaker talked about the basic needs of the industry and how they can acquire those skills over the academic period. The talk covered the following sub-topics-

  • Focused on daily habits
  • Classes & labs culture
  • Relation with teacher
  • Corporate Skills Requirements
  • Group discussion & Personal interview
  • Focus on 4Ps (purpose, processes, pay-off, patience and passion)
  • Focus on Cs(connect,communicate,convince & confirm)
  • 4Ms (manage self, manage others, manage result, manage health)
  • 4ROIs for the (parents, teachers, employer/organization, society)
  • Physical and Mental health

There were around 120 participants from the School of Engineering & Technology (MSOET) and School of Commerce and Management (MSOCM). The participants interacted with the speaker.

The session concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Kalyan Acharjya (Dean, MSOET) and Session feedback from the participants.

A special note of thanks is extended to Dr. Shweta Singh, Mrs. Savita Khatri & all SOET faculty members, Mrs. Rashmi Rakesh  (Faculty member, MSOCM), Sr. AO (Mr. Rajesh Singh), AFO (Mr. AP Seth), non-teaching staff, supporting staff, Mr. Subham (IT Team) and all who provided the a helping hand to make the session successful.