MUIT Events


 Maharishi School of Humanities and Arts organized an educational  and awareness program, on 2nd March 2023, to celebrate the International Women’s Day.The program commenced with Dean Academics (Lucknow Campus), Dr Sapan Asthana flagging off the bus which took the students and faculties to Raipur village.

To mark the occasion, the students took out the procession in Raipur Village with event banner and slogan placards to create awareness among the villagers. The students also chanted the slogans,indicating women respect and empowerment,like:

निर्णय लेने का अधिकार नारी का सच्चा सत्कार।

“सम्मान की अधिकारी है, नारी सब पर भारी है।” “जीवन का संगीत है, शक्ति का प्रतीक है।”

“नए भारत की नई पहचान, नारी शक्ति का सम्मान!”

“प्रेम और ममता की छांव, अहिंसा और समता का भाव।”

“अधिकार बिना सम्मान नहीं, “निर्णय का अधिकार मिले।” “नारी को ना कहे बिचारी, नाम में है शक्ति सारी।”।

2nd March 2023

These slogans had been written by Dr Vijay Srivastava and the students.

The students and the faculties were warmly welcomed by the Pradhan of the village-Mrs Ramlali Yadav along with Shri Dinesh Yadav and a social worker-Mrs Shakti Srivastava, who works for the upliftment of women.

The students performed nukkad natak under the direction of students Ms. Rupali Yadav and Ms. Aishwarya Verma. The theme of nukkad natak was creating awareness about lack of proper education, rape, sexual harassment, partiality between boys and girls etc.

The students of ( MSW, BSW etc.)  made the rural women, boys and girls aware of the government laws and policies. Some students and faculty members also expressed their views on the occasion.

The pradhan of the village was felicitated by Dean (MSOHA), Dr Rupam Singh.

The program was successfully organised by the Convener of the program, Dr Rupan Singh, along with the program Coordinators-Dr Kanu Priya Verma and Mr R. P. Dixit under the guidance and support of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor (Prof. Bhanu Pratap Singh), Registrar (Prof. Akhand Pratap Singh), Dy Registrar (Mr. Girish Chhimwal), Dean Academics-Lucknow Campus (Dr. Sapan Asthana) and Dy. Dean Academics (Dr. Vijay Srivastava). All the faculties of Maharishi School of Humanities and Arts along with Office Assistant Mr. Sudhanshu were present on the occasion.