Is Online Accounting Safe?

Is Online Accounting Safe?

All the software, it either runs on your smart phones, desktop or in any online, is exposed to security threats. However, this does not stop businesses from using software. Software is absolutely necessary to running an efficient, modern business and communicating with employees, customers and suppliers.

Hence, in place of asking, “is online accounting software secure?” a better question would be, “is online software more secure than desktop software?”

For the majority of small and medium businesses using desktop software, the answer is yes.

Most business organizations spend very little penny on security, either electronic measures like firewalls and anti-virus protection or physical measures such as locked doors and anti-theft cables. So better to use these measures and business will be secured with both desktop as well as online software.

Whether the threat is theft, natural disaster, a virus or a hacker, an online software method is generally much better protected than a desktop program method. Suppose, if a thief steals a smart phone they will not be able to break into the online software without entering a password, whereas a business owner could log in from another computer or system and change the password in their online accounting software and it would be impossible to access it from that smartphone again, making the data as well as sometimes device secure.

We can minimize and limit the risk of attack in several ways:-

Using a unique, difficult to guess password and keeping it in a very secure location(if it is necessary so).

Password manager could be a very handy tool for creation of and storing of long and difficult passwords for many websites. Of course, we would also need to have a very secure password to access the password manager too but at least it will be the only one you need to remember.

Never reveal or tell your password to anyone, even if they are allegedly calling from the bank or software company, if someone does ask you for your password it is almost always with malicious intent.

Only use your own laptop or computers rather than public computers for such secured activities.

Public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, airports and other public places could be compromised. For ensuring maximum security use your smartphone or tablet, or tether to them with your laptop, to access or use your online accounting software. Telcos tightly control access to their networks which makes them more secure.

Using Touch ID for mobile apps:   

It might seem a bit offensive to supply information, it is a security measure that goes beyond passwords.

Keeping Backup file online:

Online Backup automatically backs up your data on your personal Google Drive so that your data remains safe.

Keeping Backup offline:

When we are talking about offline backup, it is the first and the most traditional way of keeping backup into a physical piece of hardware like external hard disk, pen drive, memory card and many more.

Keep exploring and updating the security tools being installed from time to time.

Clearing your cache, saved cookies, saved searches, and Web history from time to time also helps a lot.

Don’t Fall Prey to Click Bait or Phishing Scams.

Hence, Online Accounting software may be safe or not depending upon its usage. Just remember using software of trustworthy and renowned companies or vendors only, as on the internet various pirated or copy versions are also available and at that time thinking to save a little money can cost you in losing a huge amount of money.

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