Maharishi University

The Webinar on date 19th JUNE, (11AM-12PM) on topic “POSITIVE LIVING THROUGH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” was organized by Maharishi School of Commerce & Management. The Host for the webinar were Mr. AVANISH KUMAR SINGH while the speaker was an eminent personality Dr. RASHMI SONI (HEAD OF DEPT. OF EDUCATION) KKC PG COLLEGE.

 As mentioned above, our speaker discussed a topic in which he said that self-regulation: the ability to manage one’s negative or disruptive emotions, and to adapt to changes in circumstance. Those who are skilled in self-regulation excel in managing conflict, adapt well to change and are more likely to take responsibility.

Motivation: the ability to self-motivate, with a focus on achieving internal or self-gratification as opposed to external praise or reward. Individuals who are able to motivate themselves in this way have a tendency to be more committed and goal focused.

Empathy: the ability to recognize and understand how others are feeling and consider those feelings before responding in social situations. Empathy also allows an individual to understand the dynamics that influence relationships, both personal and in the workplace.

Social skills: the ability to manage the emotions of others through emotional understanding and using this to build rapport and connect with people through skills such as active listening, verbal and nonverbal communication.