MUIT Events

Uttar Pradesh State Seed Certification Agency, Alambagh, Lucknow

Objective of the Visit: – The purpose of visit was to update students about different types of seeds and activities related to the development of new varieties, seed certification process and to motivate the young minds for working towards the benefit of the society.

Participating Students: – 50 Students of B.Sc. (Ag.) (II & IV Semesters).

The visit was flagged off by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor (Prof. Bhanu Pratap Singh), Dean Academics (Lucknow Campus), Dr. Sapan Asthana, and Dean-MSOS (Dr. Ramakant) who motivated the group towards the role and objectives of the educational tour and to maintain decorum during the visit.

25th March 2023

During the visit to the Uttar Pradesh Seed Certification Agency (Alambagh, Lucknow), the students had the opportunity to interact with various experienced peoples in the field of seed certification. They also visited various labs and other facilities. At the beginning of the visit, Deputy Director, Mr. M. P. Pathak delivered a short lecture about the stages of registration of a newly developed variety and how it is tested through different processes. It was followed by the visit to the Registration Chamber where the students met Mr. Ramesh Chauhan who apprised the students about the registration process. Then the students headed towards the purity testing lab which was coordinated by Mr. Anurag Awasthi and Mrs. Bhumika Singh Iyer, facility for preparation of seed for germination coordinated by  Mr. Raj Kapoor and Mr. Vinod Gautam, seed health testing lab coordinated by  Mr. Piyush Dixit and Mr. Vivek Kumar Verma, germination lab coordinated by Mr. Anupam Tiwari, Mr. Abhishek Singh and Mr. Shobhan Srivastava. and DNA isolation lab coordinated by Mr. Ravish Katiyar.

It was a great learning and enriching experience for the students.

The visit was organized successfully under the Faculty Co-ordinators- Dr. Monika Singh, Dr. Dheeraj Yadav, Mr. Ashish Kumar Awasthi and Mrs. Pragya Tiwari.The Co-ordinators extend their gratitude to Hon’ble Vice Chancellor (Prof. Bhanu Pratap Singh), Registrar (Prof. Akahand Pratap Singh), Dy. Registrar (Shri Girish Chhimwal), Dean Academics (Lucknow Campus), Dr. Sapan Asthana, Dean-MSOS (Dr. Ramakant), Sr. AO (Mr. Rajesh Singh) for their support and encouragement for the visit.