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Workshop cum Hands-on Practice

Objective of the Event: To enhance the technical skills of Civil Engineering Students as per industry demands about the mix design and testing of concrete for achieving durability, compressive strength for specified grade, and to reduce wastage of concrete.

Description of Event: The program started with welcome of all dignitaries of Prism Johnson Limited by Dr. Kalyan Acharjya (Dean, MSOET) and faculty members of MSOET. The technical session started with interactive session to explore the design of concrete, the significance of concrete as a construction material, as well as various recent innovations that have made concrete a popular choice in today’s construction world. Different types of concrete like self-compacting concrete, bacterial concrete, waste material concrete, recycled concrete etc. were also discussed. The detailed mix design specified in IS 10262: 2009 was explained by the expert. Different grades and their proportion were also discussed during the session. Later, the session focused on the concrete mix design of grade M20. The different proportions considered, viz. cement, fine and coarse aggregates during the manufacturing of this concrete grade was explicitly discussed and explained.

25th March 2023

Mr. Sharma also discussed step by step procedure of mix design of any grade of concrete as per the Indian condition. Cubes were casted at workshop followed by their testing by Prism Johnson Expert Compressive Testing Machine. More than 30 cubes were tested from different industries (Shalimar, RMC India, Durga Developers etc.) free of cost by compressive testing machine.

Towards the end of the workshop, the expert motivated and discussed the prime objectives of civil engineering. This session would definitely go a long way in inspiring students to carry out different projects and refine their skills.

More than 70 participants were present during the workshop. The whole program was successfully organized and coordinated by Dr. Preeti Agarwal, Dr. Ravindra Singh, Dr. Gaurav Shukla, and Mr. Anupam Kumar Gautam under the guidance of Hon’ble Vie Chancellor, Hon’ble Registrar, Dean-Academics, Dean-MSOET and other seniors officials.